What is Optimal Trauma Care?

Optimal trauma care is the best care you can provide to that injured patient in front of you at that moment in time. Some of use want it to be perfect, and most of us know it never can be. However, we can strive to make it better, and better each time, so that mistakes are not repeated, and processes become more efficient.

Optimal Trauma Care is a journey and it is vitally important that everyone on this ride learn from each other. All of us, from the Level III center with 200 admissions, to the Level I center with 5,000 admits a year  face similar problems and all try to devise solutions to improve the care their injured patients receive.

I have been running a Level I trauma center for 23 years, and I have visited or inspected over 150 other centers. My colleagues and I will try to impart what knowledge we have gained here and hope others will contribute stories and solutions.

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